What is Skin Camouflage?

Skin Camouflage helps you get on with your life

Skin camouflage (sometimes called cosmetic camouflage) uses concealing products to help disguise scars, birthmarks, unwanted tattoos and skin conditions including rosacea, pigmentation and vitiligo. The products can be applied and removed quickly and so it’s up to you how and when you use them. Once correctly applied they can last all day.

Many skin camouflage products are available on NHS prescription at a doctor’s discretion (subject to the local Clinical Commissioning Group) and can be bought online. The products are extremely long lasting, smudge-resistant, waterproof and sweat-proof when correctly applied. Feel confident about the way you look in your daily life. Feel confident when working out at the gym, swimming, going on holiday. Feel confident attending a job interview or important work meeting, starting a new school. Feel confident having your photo taken, or wearing a fabulous wedding gown. It is all possible with skin camouflage.

Why skin camouflage works

Successful skin camouflage matches the colour of the products to your individual skin tone. This is called skin tone matching. Only then will the coverage look natural and give the best results. Camouflage creams are high in pigment – in other words, they have a lot of colour in them. This is what makes them so good at giving you a more even skin tone.

Your skin is as individual as you are and so skin tone matching is a real skill which practitioners build-up over time with training and experience. Buying products online without first having a personal consultation can prove expensive and frustrating because you will not know which shade is right for you and how best to apply the products to get the results you want.

Rowena Wilson is expertly trained in skin tone matching and the correct ways to apply the products. She is also a make up artist and brings all her knowledge to a skin camouflage consultation so that you get the best result. Please visit the FAQ section to find out more about skin camouflage.

The products are removed easily with a cleansing cream or lotion with no lasting implications for your skin. By using skin camouflage regularly you will get into a routine and so applying the products becomes quick and easy – just like combing your hair or brushing your teeth.

Unfortunately, there are a number of situations where skin camouflage will not be the answer. These include open wounds, viral or fungal infections, dermatitis, allergic reactions, skin cancers and contagious illnesses affecting the skin e.g. chicken pox or measles.

Skin camouflage covering scars on hands

Skin camouflage covering scars on hands