Choosing the right skin camouflage is always about 2 key elements:


*Finding the shade or shades that will conceal and yet still look natural on your skin,

*Finding the application technique that will fit in with your lifestyle.


When the Varama range of camouflage products was launched last year it greatly extended what we were able to offer clients to meet their camouflage and cosmetic needs. Varama was developed by skin camouflage expert Vanessa Jane Davies who’s experience working with clients gave her the knowledge to create this innovative product.


Why is Varama different? Its different because unlike most camouflage creams it does not need a setting powder to make the cream long lasting and durable. This means that it has a very natural appearance on the skin and is quick to apply. Although suitable for everyone, in my experience this makes it especially popular with men.


Varama creams are designed to blend together and so there is the ability to perfectly match the individual’s skin tone and deal with changes in skin tone such as a light tan. Usually a mix of two base tones is used and then the blended base shade is given natural depth with a drop-in colour such as rose, yellow or orange. The website gives practical guidance on finding the correct shades for your skin tone.


Since its launch Varama has been featured in many national newspapers including the Mail on Sunday and the Daily Mirror and blogged about by beauty experts such as Oxford Jasmine and Beauty Scribbler. Have a look at the blog section of the Varama website for reviews and press coverage about the products. I especially like Oxford Jasmine’s video tutorial about how to use the products for covering rosacea, uneven pigmentation and dark circles under the eyes.


If you are looking for camouflage cosmetics, Varama is one of the first places to start.


Varama can be contacted at

Telephone: +44 (0)844 504 5533