Private Consultations

Rowena specialises in using skin camouflage products to improve the appearance of skin concerns such as scarring, birthmarks, unwanted tattoos, pigmentation, rosacea and vitiligo.

Rowena uses a range of proven skin camouflage products including creams, powders and sprays to achieve a skin tone match and help to conceal your scar, tattoo, birthmark, vitiligo or other skin condition. She teaches you the correct application technique so that you become confident enough to apply the products yourself. She is a Veil Covercream registered Beauty Consultant – 

Rowena takes care to listen to what you want and choose products and techniques that will work for you. She brings not only all her skin camouflage experience to the consultation but also her knowledge as a make-up artist. Please be aware that SCA does not stock or sell any camouflage products itself but can give you advice on how best to obtain them.

Rowena Wilson carries out private consultations in Warwickshire. She may also be able to put you in touch with other suitably qualified practitioners in your local area. The charge for a private consultation with Rowena Wilson is £60.00.