Time flies! It’s now 2 years since we set up SCA, created the website and started answering your questions about skin camouflage. We receive a steady stream of emails and calls from people looking to improve their appearance using skin camouflage – unwanted tattoos, pigmentation problems, vitiligo and scarring can all be address with the correct application of camouflage cosmetics.


There have been some real highlights over the past 2 years – working with the Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust (RAFT) www.raft.ac.uk , who are our Featured Charity, helping to highlight their work on wound healing and skin cancer, providing practical skills and support as part of the volunteer network with the charity Changing Faces www.changingfaces.org.uk and developing our nationwide expert witness and consultant network.


So what lies ahead for SCA?

– We are planning exciting upgrades to the SCA website which will make life easier for busy solicitors looking for skin camouflage services for their clients and for anyone researching skin camouflage,

– We will be continuing to answer skin camouflage questions impartially and free of charge,

– Supporting RAFT, and

– Building on our social media networks – all with the aim of promoting the benefits of skin camouflage to a wider audience.


It would be great to hear any feedback you have about the website or any of SCA’s services. SCA can be contacted by phone on 07910 168577 or email info@skincamouflageadvice.co.uk