One of the things that really interests SCA about our Featured Charity, RAFT is its pioneering work in the treatment of major wounds and skin traumas, especially the problem of hard-to-heal wounds. It is estimated that there are nearly half a million unhealed chronic skin wounds in the UK  alone.


Our work with skin camouflage clients has given us an appreciation of some of those hard-to-heal wounds such as major burns, extreme cases of self harm and diabetic and pressure ulcers. When the wound has finally healed there is usually significant scarring and indentation. While skin camouflage significantly disguises the discolouration associated with scarring it cannot change the texture or indentation of scars caused by major wounds.


RAFT is working in collaboration with Altrika Ltd and Cardiff University and has secured a grant from the Technology Strategy Board to develop a treatment for full thickness skin wounds. At present there is no universally accepted solution to the problem of hard-to-heal wounds and so a more robust, cost effective, full thickness skin solution needs to be developed which can cope with a range of wound types.


RAFT’s research into dermal scaffolds (a tissue guide for skin growth) combined with Altrika’s polymer surface technology and Cardiff University’s micro-engineering capabilities will move the research forward to find such a skin solution.


The functional healing of the wound will be improved and the visual impact of the resultant scar will hopefully also be reduced. This in turn will mean that the patient achieves a much better outcome from any skin camouflage products that they choose to use.


SCA supports the work of the Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust (RAFT) with fund raising and awareness building initiatives. Click on RAFT’s logo to link straight to its website.