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What is xanthelasma? A client recently came to see me for advice on how best to conceal the xanthelasma patches around her eyes. Xanthelasma is a yellow or white deposit of cholesterol on the eyelids just below the skin. Although these deposits are harmless it maybe a good idea to see your GP as they can be an indicator of changed cholesterol levels in the body.


xanthelasma patches around eyes


The xanthelasma patches will stay the same size or grow bigger but will not disappear on their own account. There are no proven topical treatments (ointments or creams) to get rid of this condition. The only way to remove the patches is by laser treatment, cryosurgery (freezing) or conventional surgery. Both of these methods carry the risk of scarring and so many sufferers want to hide the patches by applying concealing cosmetics.

Xanthelasma can be successfully concealed with camouflage cosmetics but the results will vary depending on the location, size, number and shape of the patches.

Follow these steps

1. Apply an eye cream to keep the skin around the eyelids moisturised,

2. Prepare the eyelids with a primer which will help the camouflage products stay put. I like Urban Decay’s Anti-Age Eye Primer –

3. Apply a camouflage cream over the whole of the eyelid to cover any xanthelasma patches using a colour that is a couple of shades darker than the natural shade of the lid. This is the key to covering the patches and making any raised ones less obvious. I chose Veil Covercream for my client –

4. Keep the camouflage cream in place with a fixing powder applied with a small flat brush to avoid getting powder into the eye. I used Veil Finishing Powder for my client. Apply other eye makeup e.g. mascara, as usual,

5. Draw attention away from your eyes by applying a pretty bronzer, lipstick or defining your brows,

6. Use a good quality eye makeup remover or cleansing balm to gently remove the products at the end of the day. Avoid using soap and water or wipes as these will not remove the products efficiently and may irritate your eyes.

If you have any questions about using camouflage products to conceal xanthelasma patches please get in touch by or call 07910 168577.