In this blog Rowena Wilson gets some expert thoughts from clinical hypnotherapist, Mark Powlett on the tricky subject of blushing. The blog was written with Rowena’s bridal clients in mind but it is relevant in lots of other situations too – presentations, interviews and any kind of public speaking.

Weddings are packed full of happiness, anticipation, excitement but more often than not some anxiety and stress too. We use the phrase ‘blushing bride” to describe a beautiful, radiant bride but what if you’re worried your blushing will be out of control on your wedding day?

As an experienced bridal make-up artist, I make sure that you are at your most beautiful on your wedding day. This will be a great confidence boost and make for a stress-free start to your wedding day but could the answer to blushing be more than skin deep?

The face, neck, chest and upper arms can all be affected by stress-related flushing. Stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol can increase the blood flow to the skin resulting in redness and heat.*

I decided to ask Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mark Powlett, for his thoughts.

Advice from Hypnotherapist Mark Powlett

As a bride on the most important and exciting day of your life, the thought of wearing a stunning dress, and having your hair and make-up perfect are all part of the experience that you will treasure in your memory for years to come. Sometimes though, the thought of standing up in front of family and friends and being the centre of attention, is something that can start to bring fearful thoughts into your mind, and as Rowena says you could well become a truly “blushing bride”. 

The key to making sure that you shine with radiance is knowing that blushing is something that you can control. By changing the way that you think about the event and the blushing you can turn it down and even off altogether. I like to explain to my clients that “We get more of what we think about”. This means that if you think you will blush and start to imagine it then you may well do so for real. You start to create your own mental rehearsal and it simply comes true.

Relaxed Bride at window

As a clinical hypnotherapist I work with my clients to help teach them that by imagining the wonderful event unfolding and seeing themselves looking calm, relaxed and really enjoying it without any fear of blushing then they need not even think about the possibility any more.

It can be surprising to many brides just how quickly a change can be made to the way that they think and feel. By taking a breath and learning to relax you need never fear the thought of that flushing red across your face spreading down your body…instead you can just imagine a wide and brilliant smile spreading warmth and happiness everyone will always treasure.

You can contact Mark at, Mark Powlett Hypnotherapy   Tel: 07980 233160

*Please note: There are many possible causes of skin blushing/flushing which are not stress-related. These include skin disorders, reactions to medication, problems with the digestive system, allergies and food intolerances. Please seek medical advice if you have any of these concerns.