Stretch mark scars arise for a number of reasons. Most commonly the skin becomes very delicate and thin. Here are some simple tips for covering stretch mark scars with skin camouflage products:

1. Always warm the camouflage cream on your hand before applying to the scar,

2. If possible, choose a cream that has a soft or creamy texture such as Veil Covercream or Keromask,

3. If applying the cream with your finger, use the pad of the ring finger. Gently pat the product onto the scar and blend out into the surrounding skin. If you are using a sponge use a gentle rolling movement,

4. if covering a large area of stretch marks mix your camouflage cream with a product such as Kryolan’s Makeup Blend. It turns a cream foundation to a liquid which helps spread the cream evenly and smoothly.

5. Apply your fixing power with a large powder brush rather than pushing the powder into the skin with a powder puff or cotton wool pad.

Here’s what a client recently said about covering stretch mark scars using these tips,

Thank you so much for seeing [my daughter] yesterday, it was so nice to see her smiling after you worked your magic with creams and powder and her confidence will be so boosted knowing she can cover the stretch mark scars from now on.

What you do is tremendous, and the welcoming, warm and reassuring way you have is just so lovely when people are coming to you with such a personal and quite often upsetting skin condition or scar that they are affected by.”

It’s always lovely to get such positive feedback and work with products that give people so much benefit in a non-harmful and simple way. If you would like to find out more about covering stretch mark scars please call 07910 168577 or email