SCA’s Rowena Wilson describes using Vichy’s new Dermablend camouflage cream.

The relaunch of Vichy’s Dermablend camouflage range was met with great enthusiasm by skin camouflage practitioners. It’s camouflage cream (named “Ultra-Corrective Foundation Cream-Stick”) became available again on NHS prescription in August 2011 extending the number of brands that practitioners are able to recommend for clients.


The camouflage cream is in a 12g stick form (like a lipstick) and is paraben, perfume and lanolin free. Patch testing has found it to be well tolerated and non-irritant. The range contains 7 shades with the lighter skin tones being especially well catered for. There is also a 28g setting powder in the range but this product is not available on NHS prescription. The creams contain an SPF 30 and have a 40% pigment content. In order to properly remove the product and oil-based cleanser is needed.

My experience with the creams is that they are very easy to apply and blend and the coverage is exceptionally smooth. I have had very good results for scars and under eye dark circles. Coverage should last for at least 12 hours when correctly applied and fixed. For clients who are not obtaining the product on prescription, Dermablend has two great plus points. Firstly, it is available over the counter in larger branches of Boots and independent pharmacies nationwide and so potential users will be able to see the product before purchasing. Secondly, for those who would find it difficult to get to a retailer there is a Trial Pack available (strangely this only contains 6 of the 7 shades – the darkest shade, Coffee, being excluded). This can be obtained online from outlets such as the Garden Pharmacy ( The RRP for the Cream-Stick is £19.00 and for the Trial Pack £4.99.

The Vichy website ( contains useful information about the Dermablend range including an application video and a pharmacy finder. All in all, this is an excellent new edition to my kit and one that clients are enjoying using.